accelerate your business

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strategy advisory with an investor mindset

accelerate your business by bringing in best practices around the core skills needed to succeed, enhanced with cutting edge frameworks

we think like investors –  our principals have extensive experience investing in companies as well as operting day to day. This brings a unique expertise to your business, that allows you to identify and unlock differentiated, long-lasting value for your stakeholders

you can draw on our hands-on track of over 200 projects and transactions to ensure that the strategy work results in value creation!

60 years

combined business experience


strategy projects carried out

5 continents

where projects have taken place

USD 10bn

in transactions or investments

our work is anchored by five guiding principles

We believe in keeping our advice simple to understand, communicate and execute. That does not mean, however, that our work remains superficial – on the contrary. The five guiding principles we follow require an in-depth engagement with our clients, to ensure that the strategy work we offer is well grounded in reality.


Rational decision making is based on analysis and facts, and insights are delivered from merging deep data analysis with operational experience


Results come from committed teams, and commitment is built from a mutual understanding of the issues, a joint discovery of solutions and the co-creation of goals


Our role is to accelerate a company’s strategy and performance by bringing in a sense of urgency and a framework for delivery


While delivering short term results is crucial, innovation generates the growth options of the future


Strategy and planning are only nice ideas until they are implemented


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